Education is the number one key to a successful treatment plan, which is why we empower our members to learn the science behind cannabis. All of our staff will attend an eight-course curriculum specially designed to cover all facets of medicinal cannabis use. In addition to the initial required courses, they will receive continuing education, with monthly in-house classes on pertinent ailment, pharmaceutical, and cannabinoid-related topics.

Providing superior customer service is an indispensable part of the way we will run our business. We will ensure our customers’ needs are always met and, when possible, anticipated. With a foundation of open communication, our relationships with patients remain a top priority.  We train our staff on the importance of coming to work with the heart of service in order to provide patients with a healing environment and experience. 


In a manner uncommon for this industry, Riverbank Cannabis Collective will work to form strong ties with neighbors, physicians, local law enforcement, and government officials, as well as news and media outlets. Setting a positive image of the cannabis industry is tremendously important to everyone at Riverbank Cannabis Collective and being proactive in forming constructive relationships helps drive this vision.